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Food connects people - Keats is a social startup that promotes equal opportunities for children with a migrant background. This is achieved by promoting social interaction between children with and without a migrant background.



​The social interaction promoted by our startup takes place in the form of lunch exchanges. For this purpose, Keats provides an app on which a family can either offer lunch or book it for their own child.

This in turn promotes

  • social integration

  • psychological well-being

  • the acceleration of language learning

  • learning intercultural skills at a young age

  • networking between parents

  • the networking of the neighbourhood

  • an inclusive, diverse and equal society



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Children benefit from getting to know different cultures and their cuisines at an early age, new intercultural friendships, better integration and faster language learning.


It's very easy, even for parents with a busy schedule! As a host, all you need to do, is cook one extra portion. To send your child to a lunch, just a few clicks are enough.


Keats supports schools in their integration work and contributes to equal opportunities in education. It also promotes children's scholastic achievements.